Share, swap and trade home grown fruit and vegetables in your neighbourhood.

See who’s growing food nearby, list your food patch on the map, add photos to your grow log and share your excess harvest. Happy days!

List your Food Patch

Start by listing what food you're growing and where. You'll get your own patch on Growington and we'll display you on the grower's map.

Food Patch

Explore the Food Map

See who is growing food nearby on the food grower's map! Take a look at their patch and say hello to your food growing neighbours.

Food Map

Share, Swap and Trade

Too much harvest? Share it with your neighbours! List your excess harvest and we'll send an email to Growington members who live nearby.


Keep a Grow Log

Let others track your gardening adventures by keeping a personal Grow Log. Upload photos and tell people about your veg.

Grow Log

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We think that people who grow their own food are doing something good for our planet and society.

Growington gives these people somewhere to show the world what they're doing whilst encouraging others to do the same.

Our vision is a big one: to map where food is being grown on our planet. Let's say, crowd source our world's food in a simple and fun way - more.

We can't do this alone. We need your help. List your veg patch, fruit tree or herbs and tell your friends: like us on Facebook or tweet on Twitter!

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